Understanding and Ending Gender-Based Violence in Fieldwork

This module was developed in partnership with The Fieldwork Initiative, an advocacy space focused on fieldwork trauma, to address some of the most common issues regarding gendered violence and sexual assault in the field. It describes gender-based violence in the context of field research and provides an in-depth exploration of misconceptions, real life scenarios, and strategies for safe fieldwork practices. IMPORTANT NOTE: The following module contains content regarding potentially triggering topics, including sexual harassment, assault, racism, discrimination, hazing, and other forms of violence. We encourage you to practice self care throughout the lesson, especially in sections which are emotionally overwhelming or personally traumatic. We hope you will take extra time and even walk away from the module for a break when needed. If you are an instructor who is considering requiring this module for a course, we encourage you to also offer alternative assignments out of respect for the range of experiences that students will bring to this work.

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