Understanding and Ending Gender-Based Violence in Fieldwork

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By the end of this module, you should be able to:

Lesson 1: Background

  1. Define gender-based violence in fieldwork and understand its key identifying characteristics. 
  2. Learn how common gender-based violence in fieldwork is. 
  3. Understand the history of problematic fieldwork experiences that have resulted in incidents of gender-based violence.

Lesson 2: Addressing Misconceptions

  1. Recognize how to separate misconceptions about gender-based violence from realities in fieldwork.
  2. Understand the difference between necessary difficulties and unnecessary discrimination and violence in the field.

Lesson 3: Problems Doing Fieldwork

  1. Learn about the various contexts of problematic fieldwork through case studies and published literature focused on solitude, danger, and intimacy. 
  2. Understand aspects of heightened risk and prevalent dangers associated with gender-based violence.

Lesson 4: Barriers to Reporting Violence

  1. Understand barriers to reporting violence. 
  2. Learn how trauma impacts decision-making.
  3. Develop strategies to overcome barriers to reporting.

Lesson 5: Recommendations for Self Advocacy and Structural Change

  1. Access resources that offer help.
  2. Recognize the power of the researcher to set their own boundaries.
  3. Learn best practices and violence prevention strategies.


At the close of the module, you will have the opportunity to take a 10-question quiz. If you get 8 out of 10 questions correct, you will receive a certificate of completion for the CONVERGE Understanding and Ending Gender-Based Violence in Fieldwork Training Module.

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